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_________________________________________________________________________________Congratulations Kelsie Chisholm on the purchase

of 'Bella' from Dana Smith Show Team, Inc.

Congratulations Rylee Selby on the

purchase of April from Kayla Zakhour.

Congratulations Madison Golledge (Heidi and Mark) on the

purchase of Quincy from Sandlot Equine LLC. (Linda York)

Congratulations Jada Lynne Fields on the

purchase of Jet Blue from Madison Golledge

Congratulations Jigsaw Farms ‘Cha Cha Jago’

on the purchase of Caramel from Charis Nigro

Congratulations Jenny Meyer Show Jumpers and Hope Hattesohl

on the purchase of Red Velvet from Jeanette Freedman

Below are several sale horses that Dana Smith Show Team, Inc. sold in the past.

Displayed below are 3 new sale horses from 2018

Leasing or half leasing a horse is a great way to get started and an amazing experience.  

Check back, as we frequently update the available horses for sale and lease.

Congratulation Katie Lee from Four Views Center-Angel Pitton, Las Vegas, Nevada on the purchase of Esprit. The

Cohee Family wishes you many yearsof enjoyment.

Congratulations Lois Fetveit from Willow Creek Farm

in Lakeside, Montana on the purchase of 'Reagan'

Congratulations Emma Burk

(and he is staying at DSSHWTM!!)

On the purchase of 'Elias'

Congratulations to the Wood Family, Sami Milo/CavalloStables on the purchase of no Regrecz' 'Reggie'.

Congratulations Ben Blatz family on the

purchase of Lucky for Me from Mallory Gyulay.

Congratulations Caroline Biava on the purchase of Star Attraction 'Oscar' from Lauren Bouwman  

Congratulations Cha Cha from Rivera Ranch

on the purchase of Speechless 'Hunter' .  

Making your Equestrian dreams come true.  

Sales and Leasing


QUINCY (5064893) is offered for Sale

at Dana Smith Show Team, Inc.

13 year old 3' Hunter/Eq Warmblood

LONDON CALLING (5396157) is offered for Sale

at Dana Smith Show Team, Inc.

8 yr old Hunter/Eq/Jumper Holsteiner

________________________________________________________________________________Congratulations  Lisa Stroway on the purchase

of 'Alistair' from Dana Smith Show Team, Inc.