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Training Programs

Customized programs will be formulated just for you and your horse's needs.

Full Time Training  

Offers up to 3 lessons a week, horse ridden 2 to 3 times a week, lunging, turn outs, ground work, and full groom services.

* Clipping and bathing

* Blanketing and un-blanketing

* Administering medication and leg wrapping

* Feeding adequate nutritional supplement

* Blankets washed and packaged

* Assisting with tack and riding clothing purchasing

* Arranging shipping to show destination or veterinarian clinics

* Scheduling and keeping records of farrier services and veterinarian services

* Assisting farrier and veterinarian

* Setting goals for the student and rider

* Choosing appropriate shows, filling our entry forms, membership forms, arranging braiding, stall and

bedding reservations and barn set up.

Email or call for current prices.

Lay up or Brood Mare Care

Offers hand walking, grooming, scheduling and keeping records of farrier and veterinarian services.

No rides or lessons.

Email or call for current prices.

Cost of Services for Horses not in Training

* Horse Show Daily fee: $70

* Overnight Daily fee: $80

* Show clip and mane pull: $50

* Professional ride: $60

* Ground worked: $40

* Lunge: $25

* Turn out: $25

* Hand walk: $20

* Blanketing per month: $60

* Feeding Supplements per month: $60

Body Clips $140.00

Trailering fees - round trip from Rancho Sierra Vista

*Oaks $125.00, single haul $135.00

*Coto: $130.00  single haul $150.00

*Del Mar $250.00, single haul $300.00

*Temecula/Valley Center: $400.00

*San Luis Rey/Dr. McCuellin’s/Dr. Martinelli's $350.00/return $250.00

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